BeyMisanga inspired Kumihimo Bracelets

Two bracelets, one red and one blue.

AKA I love Beyblades and I love making Beyblade things.

Skip if you don’t like nostalgia:

This is supposed to be a secret…. I’m too old to be watching cartoons. But I love them. A couple months ago, I wanted to see if Beyblade was still a living franchise and, to my surprise, it was!! I was that kid who would bring her Beyblade to school to battle other kids in 2002. I was also that kid who was told “girls can’t play Beyblade!” and to that, I didn’t care. I remember having a mini tournament for a birthday party and it was amazing. I loved Beyblade.

My first (and the only one that survived) was the blue Dragoon Storm. Look at the love, wear, and tear. :’) I found a Burst version at the mall and I had to buy it to satisfy my child side. Image by Samantha Yeung.

I decided to watch the new cartoon to see how much has changed. To be honest, season 3 of Beyblade Burst really hooked me in, so naturally I was curious to see what merchandise they had. Let me tell you, the franchise was not afraid to sell friendship bracelets, which totally matched the theme of friendship and being rivals, not enemies. That way, they can battle but still be friends!

Tutorial starts:

I decided I wanted to take a crack at it and try to make kumihimo versions of them. This tutorial will show how I made the Victory Valtryek version. I’ll make another tutorial for Storm Spryzen. Also planning some designs for the bitbeasts from the plastic generation too!

Note: this tutorial will require basic knowledge of kumihimo braiding. I found a great tutorial at! Come back to this this tutorial after you learn the basics!

Step 1. String set up.

Step 1. Cut out pieces of string according to these lengths:

  • Blue, 2 pieces, 100 cm long each.
  • Red, 1 piece, 100 cm long.
  • White, 1 piece, 50 cm long.
  • Yellow, 1 piece, 50 cm long.

Fold the blue and red pieces in half. Tie the pieces together around the folded tip of the blue and red strings. Make a second knot 1 cm below the first knot.

Step 2. String layout.

Step 2. Place the strings in the notches of the kumihimo wheel as shown above.

Or, according to clock directions:

  • 2 blue at 12 o’clock.
  • Yellow and 1 red at 3 o’clock.
  • 2 blue at 6 o’clock.
  • 1 red and white at 9 o’clock.
Step 3. Progress.

Step 3: After a short while, you will end up with this. Progress! Don’t give up!

Remember to check how long your bracelet is as you’re braiding. Wrap it around your wrist to see how much longer you’ll need.

Note: you might end up with long loose threads at the end of your bracelet. That’s ok! These can be cut off at the end of your project.

Another note, you can also add little beads and charms as you braid. Maybe add some beads that remind you of Valt and Valtryek!

Red, blue, white, and yellow braided kumihimo bracelet. Inspired by Victory Valkyrie.
Step 4. Done!

Step 4: Once you have a long enough bracelet, tie the loose strings together. Use these strings to tie the bracelet around your wrist. You can measure first before tying to trim the strings so they’re not unusually long.

Two bracelets worn on a wrist. Inspired by Victory Valkyrie and Storm Spriggan.
I like to wear both together as a set. Valt and Shu should stick together!

Enjoy your bracelet! I’ll post a tutorial to make Storm Spryzen for your best friend! Or you can keep it for yourself and wear it as a set. I’ll also be making ones for the rest of the BeyClub!

Disclaimer: Yeah, I know, they don’t look exactly the same as the Takara Tomy version. I’ll repeat, this is inspired from their design. I do not condone making exact replicas of sold merchandise! I just like how the colours are arranged and I tried to adapt it to a kumihimo bracelet. Also, I do not intend to sell these. Instead, I encourage you to try to make this yourself!

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